Becoming Dr. Ruth

By Paxton Theatre Foundation (other events)

2 Dates Through Mar 28, 2020

The triumphant story of Karola Siegel, the girl who became Dr. Ruth.

Much of the world will know Dr. Ruth as the short little old lady who talks pretty explicitly about sex. Dr. Ruth was a Psycosexual therapist. She advocated psycotherapy and sorting out relationship issues works much better than sex medicine. Many were amazed by her intelligence while others were just speechless at what looked like their grandma talking a whole lot about sexual intercourse, love and romance.

Whatever you may have thought about Dr. Ruth, it is likely you never sat back and wondered if she was an Israeli trained sniper who fought for the creation of the Jewish State.

Dr Ruth was born in Karola Ruth Siegal. At the young age of just 8 years she had the horrible misfortune of watching her father taken away by the Nazis in 1930’s Germany. While that would not be an uncommon experience for young Jewish children of that era, Ruth was fortunate to be sent to a Swiss boarding school in 1939 by her mother and grandmother.

The tragedies of life that Dr Ruth faced with utmost bravery and confidence is a tale in itself. She went through ups and downs in her life a whole lot of times. After a lot of here and there, ifs and buts Dr. Ruth become the lovable, short, quirky sex therapist the world has come to know. Doctor Ruth Westheimer has written countless books on sex and relationships. The talkshow she hosted, where she answred questions related to sex was one of the most popular shows of its time. And this show gave Dr. Ruth the stardon that she enjoyed for her life. Dr. Ruth write all kinds of books on sexuality, gay sex, lesbianism, romance, misconceptions about penis size and penis enlargement, marriage, divorce and parenthood.

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