The Bainbridge Country Music Society

By Paxton Theatre Foundation (other events)

Fri, Mar 5 2021 8:00 PM Fri, Dec 31 2021 8:00 PM

SEASON MEMBERSHIP  -  The Paxton Theatre has a prominent place in the annals of American country music.  Since 1965, the Paint Valley Jamboree has brought fresh faces, local legends, one-hit wonders, and country superstars to the historic Paxton Theatre stage; and the tradition of producing quality, family-friendly country music continues today.  

Joining the Bainbridge Country Music Society helps sustain this piece of country music history and secures you the best possible pricing for this years country music lineup.  

For just $85 each member receives the following:

  • Two "Paint Valley Jamboree" Performance Tickets (Including Preshow Dinner)
  • One "Jamboree: Next Generation" Performance Ticket
  • One "Ohio Bluegrass History" Speakers Series Ticket
  • Streaming Access to Speakers Series "Women in Country Music" by Bailey George
  • Streaming Access to Small Stages Series Concert "Happy Hour Duo"
  • Streaming Access to Small Stages Series Concert "Jamboree: Next Generation"
  • Streaming Access to Small Stages Series Concert "Nikki Nelson-Welcher"

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